Author of numerous novels and short stories, Mark W. Tiedemann also spent four decades working with a camera. Influences include Ansel Adams and Edward Weston (a bit obvious, perhaps) as well as Wynn Bullock, Alfred Eisenstadt, Arnold Newman, Margaret Bourke-White and many others, leaning mostly toward fine black & white.

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Guestbook for Mark W. Tiedemann
Photos from the album Narrative are poetic :)
James Morrow(non-registered)
The cycle called "Narrative" is extraordinary. I think of Walker Evans's "Now Let Us Praise Famous Men." Your eye is as astute as your prose.
I am very happy to be the proud owner of an original Tiedemann--and highly recommend their acquisition!
Kelley Eskridge(non-registered)
Yay you! So happy to see you sharing your beautiful work.
Nicola Griffith(non-registered)
I love the texture.
The guestbook is empty.